Ian Filippini Santa Barbara Wades Through Carpinteria’s Salt Marsh Nature Preserve

Ian Filippini Salt Marsh

Salt Marsh Nature Preserve

Carpinteria, Santa Barbara’s neighbor to the south, has many beautiful spots to visit. Like Santa Barbara, most people automatically think about the beach when they think of the Carpinteria outdoors, but there is more to this little town than just the beach. Ian Filippini Santa Barbara is just one of many who enjoy visiting the Salt Marsh Nature Preserve in Carpinteria.

The Salt Marsh Nature Preserve consists of over 110 acres of ocean front land. The salt marsh is home to a plethora of endangered bird and plant species. Over 200 species of bird can be found living in and around the Salt Marsh Nature Preserve. What is a salt marsh you may ask? Ian Filippini Santa Barbara asked Google and it said, “an area of coastal grassland that is regularly flooded by seawater.” This type of environment is perfect for so many bird species.

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara found out that some of the birds that frequent the Salt Marsh Nature Preserve are the Salt Marsh Bird’s-beak, the Light-footed Clapper Rail, and Belding’s Savannah sparrow. You can either tour this great piece of nature on your own, or go on a docent led tour. Tours are available every Saturday at 10:00 a.m.

To learn more about the Salt Marsh Nature Preserve in Carpinteria, please visit http://www.carpinteriacoast.com/salt_marsh.html. To learn more about Ian Filippini Santa Barbara, please visit http://www.slideshare.net/ianfilippini/ and https://twitter.com/iaianfilippini.