Ian Filippini Santa Barbara Visits El Presidio de Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini Presidio

El Presidio de Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara loves the city he lives in. He also loves the rich history that comes with this California coastal town of Santa Barbara. A great piece of Santa Barbara history is El Presidio de Santa Barbara (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Presidio_of_Santa_Barbara).

El Presidio de Santa Barbara was built by the Spanish in 1782 to defend the second military installation in the state of California. It also houses the second oldest original building in all of California! It is facts like these that are of great interest to Ian Filippini Santa Barbara.

The presidio was built to protect Santa Barbara from any kind of impeding attack, so its location was strategically chosen. It was built near the harbor where there was access to both building materials and water. The whole town of Santa Barbara was originally built around El Presidio of Santa Barbara because people felt protected by the military presence.

Today El Presidio de Santa Barbara is part of the Santa Barbara Trust for Historical Preservation and is a wonderful tourist attraction for people who want to learn about the wonderful history of Santa Barbara (www.sbthp.org/).

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